Jessica Saigeon

The mountains to me mean so many things. Growing up in Calgary, the mountains have always been a place to visit; A place you try to get to as much as possible. They give you an escape from the busy city life and bring you back in touch with nature. I recently finished my BSc in Geography from the University of Lethbridge, (which BTW has absolutely ZERO mountains close to it) and although I now have a new appreciation for the prairies, my love for the mountains has grown exponentially, which brings me to where I am now; Living in Canmore completely surrounded by mountains all the time. I never thought I would be lucky enough to actually live here. To get to experience the pure happiness and relaxation the mountain environment provides every single day. It truly is a dream come true. To me the mountains are a sense of belonging and peace. They remind us of how little control we have over the Earth and how lucky we are to get to live in such a beautiful place. The mountains are home. 

Environmental conservation has always been really important to me. Growing up, we always went camping, hiking, and did lots of outdoor activities as a family. This gave me a huge respect for mother nature and a desire to want to protect it as much as possible. I grew that love in university. Studying geography and how Earth processes work gave me a deeper insight into the problems we face today with conservation of not only the natural environment but of ourselves as well.  I am always excited to share my knowledge of the Earth with anyone who is willing to listen!

IG: @backpacker.jess